Facts To Know About Parabolan

Parabolan is a slow-acting anabolic steroid mostly used by athletes to bulk up. Although legal production of Parabolan ended in the late 1990s, it is still sold illegally on forums dedicated to bodybuilding or bulking up. This aspect means unsuspecting consumers could be duped to purchase fake products. Below is some more information about this steroid.

An Overview

Parabolan is an ester-based trenbolone steroid that is derived from nandrolone. Unlike other anabolic steroids, carbons 9 and 11 in the chemical structure of trenbolone have double bonds whose functions include slowing down metabolism, inhibiting aromatization, and enhancing androgen-binding affinity. In addition, Parabolan has a 17-beta hydroxyl group ester that causes it to be released more slowly than other steroids from the injection area.These properties make Parabolan – https://roids.co/expecting-excellence-with-parabolan/ more potent than its nandrolone base and have made it the steroid of choice for athletes who want to bulk up or boost performance fast.

Factors to Consider When Purchasing Parabolan


Originally, trenbolone came in a 1.5ml ampule that contained 76mg of this anabolic steroid. According to Anabolic Bible, this is equivalent to 50mg of base trenbolone. Although the original manufacturer (French pharmaceutical company Negma) stopped production in 1997, underground labs that produce the same steroid illegally still use the same packaging standard. For this reason, be wary of trenbolone products packaged in any other form.

Brand name

Since the original Parabolan is no longer available, underground labs that produce their own Parabolan for sale tend to use brand names that are variants of Parabolan or combinations of the “Tren” and “Hex” chemical names.


In general, Parabolan is more expensive than the more common trenbolone acetate meaning you should be wary of sellers who quote lower prices.


Trenbolone is largely sold via a web-based black market meaning it is wise to investigate a seller thoroughly before placing an order. This is to avoid spending money on counterfeit or highly adulterated trenbolone products. There have also been cases of buyers sending money and never receiving their orders.


Guidance provided by the legal and original manufacturer recommended administering trenbolone three times per month, which is equivalent to one ampule every 10 days. However, athletes who want to improve their performance usually use 3 to 4 ampules per week. You may come across athletes who use higher doses of 5 to 6 ampules per week. With this in mind, the standard practice is to use trenbolone in cycles of 8 to10 weeks. You can also buy Parabolan and combine it with other steroids that suit your bulking up or performance enhancement needs.


Parabolan is a very strong anabolic steroid that has been widely used by athletes for decades to enhance performance while training or during competitive events. Factors to consider when purchasing this steroid include packaging, brand name, reputation of seller and cost.